Welcome to the Collective Consciousness website. Collective consciousness is all about sharing information and increasing the conscious awareness of people, on mother earth.

We have been unconscious for long enough now and many thousands of people are having experiences everyday, which are showing a massive awakening in consciousness.

When we become fully aware of who we really are and how powerful each individual person really is, we can start to take back the power, which is so rightfully ours.

Since the beginning of time in our recorded history, we have been doing most things on our planet, to satisfy mostly the ego.

Now, through our awakening process and our collective consciousness, we have a chance/choice to make  positive changes/choices.

Via, collective consciousness, you may find some information/inspiration on how to possibly reach your full potential.

Our ultimate goal, is to help people to truly feel free of any emotional attachments, ego oriented decision making and to just be present in the moment with complete happiness and self worth.
collective consciousness

We heal ourselves, we can then heal our earth.

Many thanks, blessings and namaste.  
collective consciousness

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