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We are providing the FULL 30 Universal Principles below over the next 30 weeks - with Thanks to www.iamrex.com our founder ...

01 Principle of Attraction
Why do we need universal principles? Humans are here to learn lessons and master these lessons to progress towards enlightenment. What is enlightenment you might ask? My best definition of enlightenment is simply," I am therefore you are" more detail on this?

Well, according to quantum mechanics, the entire world outside of ourselves is a reflection of the world within ourselves. Too much to digest? I agree, it was for me too at first, but then when I started using a journal which helped my map what at first seemed like coincidences, but then I realized that they were actually synchronicities. I.e. the universe had synchronised these events according to the resonance / vibration I had put out there.

This then lead me to wanting to be more in control of my destiny and future. By the way, control needs to be redefined as rather being aware of what works and what does not work with universal principles rather than thinking from an ego and lineal point of view. I will explain this in more detail later.

That whichever we give attention and thought to, we begin to invite into our lives, whether we consciously want it or not. We unconsciously transmit our energy into the universe. We are magnets of our emotions and thoughts. We can send out unconscious resonance of bad or good, as the unconscious cannot differentiate with either.

This was literally mind blowing for me, as no-one had ever explained this to me at school or at any other level of my education. We are taught in a black and white, yin yang, yes or no format, therefore this is not necessarily a logical thought process, particularly if our belief structures are so strong and tell us what is right or wrong. However, as we live on a planet which is in dire need of more goodness and less badness (without judgement or pointing any figures of course), it is up to each and every individual to decide what kind of life they would like to live. If you are wanting a life filled with happiness and laughter, then find the resonance to provide this outer reflection in the world from your inner self.

How to do this, you may ask if your day is not going as well as you might like? Again, change your vibratory energy by focusing on a moment in time when you felt happy, blissful and content. This could be any moment, such as watching a sunset or experiencing the birth of a child or simply taking your dog for a walk.

What I really love about this, is that all hell can be breaking loose around you and you will feel complete inner peace and calm. Sound impossible? Well try it next time you feel like your environment is chaotic.
02 Principle of Request
No-one may interfere in your life unless you ask them for it, it's that simple.

We all know how it feels to have an interfering busy body in our lives and therefore the universe honours this law by not interfering with us unless we specifically ask for it. Be clear and concise and also don't expect it in any format as this expectation may also put blinkers on you and you won't then notice the solution being provided.

Expectation often comes from our belief structures and programming, therefore, in order to receive a solution, we need to free our minds/ourselves as much as possible and rather operate from our hearts
03 Principle of Resistance
Our thoughts and beliefs are like the programme of a computer. When we focus on something whether consciously or unconsciously, we are calling it towards us.

Remember, the unconscious mind cannot differentiate between right or wrong, therefore if you say something like, “I don't want to be poor" the unconscious mind only hears a poverty statement.

This explains why when people focus on financial becoming debt free, the cycle often perpetuates itself. Please also realize that the unconscious mind only hears the present tense, therefore the most powerful statement you can make is something like," I am financially abundant"

See, there is no chance of being mistaken here using a positive present tense affirmation. This took me years to learn and understand. Resistance is a great way of actually "seeing" where your stuck beliefs are, especially if similar patterns and cycles keep emerging. That which you resist, persists.

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